Hackney Road Site
Cradle Scaffold Support Towers Rolling Rig Cradles

Battersea Power Station

Power cradles at Battersea power station Power Cradle on walk through units

suspended platforms in use power cradle on battersea power station

Port of Dover
suspended platform over water suspended platform in use over water

temporary cradle over water temporary cradle at the port of dover

Thames Water Beckton Tunnel
rolling cradle with scaffold access platform Rolling power cradle in shaft

power cradle in shaft

Rolling cradle rig Initial install

Dolphin Square
16m temporary cradle power cradle at Dolphin Square

Power cradle and scaffold access platform suspended platform in use

Scaffold Works
Scaffold in Adam St WC2N
Scaffolding Candy St, Locton Estate

Full scaffold Clarkenwell Road Scaffold with twin hoists at Salisbury House

Scaffold at Primrose Court Scaffolding and cradles at Morden Tube Station ​​​​​​​


Hoists fire station ​​​​​​​